Daily Journal covers sexual harassment allegations against mayoral advisor:

The attorney for the woman who claims she was sexually harassed by the top aide to Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown said Tuesday that the city has refused to settle the matter and that he will file a suit on her behalf as soon as he receives permission from the state.

“There are no other options at this point,” said attorney Michael Meadows.  “They haven’t given any indication they’re willing to resolve this without going to court.”

Oakland City Attorney John Russo did not return a call seeking comment.  Gary Lafayette, of San Francisco’s Lafayette & Kumagai, retained by the city as counsel in this matter, would not comment other than to say officials are exploring their best course of action.

Excerpted from King, Matthew.  “Jerry Browne’s Aide Faces Suit.”  Daily Journal. 7 March 2001: n. pag.  Web.  5 April 2009.